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Leadership Riverside Class of 2015 embarked on an ambitious second initiative designed to encourage local college students to stay in Riverside by facilitating employment relationships – through paid internships or part-time or permanent positions - with local employers that have not traditionally engaged with our local college students.  The four higher education institutions in Riverside have over 50,000 college students.  This is a significant pool of educated, talented and entrepreneurial individuals that can make important contributions to the Riverside economy should they choose to pursue their careers in Riverside.  However, we learned from stakeholders committed to the continued growth of Riverside that we all need to do a better job at retaining these students after graduation.  In addition, small to mid-sized employers do not have the resources or time to determine whether they can offer employment opportunities to college students, let alone to establish an internship program.  This second class project focused on developing additional tools to connect our local employers with local college students, including the development of a how-to manual and a program designed to pair the right candidates with the right business positions.  These tools were  launched on a new web site called "Riverside Intern Connection" that made them accessible to both employers and students.